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Welcome to our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Here, we’ve gathered all the essential information you need to navigate through our products/services

Welcome to our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Here, we’ve gathered all the essential information you need to navigate through our products/services with ease and confidence. Whether you’re a new customer seeking answers or a long-time user looking for updates, this guide aims to address all your queries and concerns.

How does Swapmoney work? 

Swapmoney works by securely transferring funds from your account to your recipient’s account in another country, using competitive exchange rates and no fee. 

How long does it take to transfer money with Swapmoney? 

The transfer time may vary depending on the destination country and the recipient’s bank. We have an SLA to deliver within 24hrs. However, in most cases, transfers are completed within 5mins 

How can I sign up for Swapmoney? 

Signing up for Swapmoney is quick and easy. Download the Swapmoney App Andriod or iOS and follow the simple registration process. 

Is my personal and financial information secure with Swapmoney? 

Yes, we prioritize the security and privacy of our customers’ information. We employ industry-standard encryption and follow strict security protocols to keep your data safe. 

Can I track my transfer with Swapmoney? 

Yes, Swapmoney provides updates on your transfer via email and once the transfer is completed, you can track all successful transfers all your profile 

What countries can I send money to with Swapmoney? 

Swapmoney supports remittances to a wide range of countries worldwide. Please check our website or app for the list of available destinations. 

Can I cancel a transfer with Swapmoney? 

Depending on the stage of the transfer, cancellation may be possible. Please reach out to our customer support team for assistance. 

What currencies does Swapmoney support? 

Swapmoney supports a wide range of currencies for international money transfers. Refer to our website or app for the list of supported currencies. 

How can I contact Swapmoney customer support? 

You can contact our customer support team through email, simply send an email to or call0121 232 4652 

Can I transfer money to more than one recipient with Swapmoney? 

Swapmoney offers a unique feature that allows you to transfer money to two people at once, this means you can more save time  

What do I need to complete my registration?   

A valid Identity document which can be your passport, Biometric Residence Permit, or Driver’s license  

Can I set up recurring transfers with Swapmoney? 

Currently, Swapmoney does not support recurring transfers. Each transfer needs to be initiated individually 

What happens if there is an issue with my transfer? 

In case of any issues with your transfer, our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you and resolve any problems promptly. Call 0121 232 4652 or email 

Can I send money using Swapmoney on weekends or holidays? 

Yes, you can initiate transfers with Swapmoney on weekends and holidays. However, please note that bank processing times may be affected during these periods. 

Are there any referral programs or promotions available with Swapmoney? 

Yes, Swapmoney provides referral links to all her customers, it is available on the customer’s profile  

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